Alyssa Wiegand


As a senior Biology major at Ohio Dominican on a pre-med track, I’m extremely proud to be a first-generation college student – in America, at least. See, while my father didn’t go to college, my mom attended college in Ukraine.

Admittedly, ODU wasn’t initially on my radar. I was fortunate to be among only 15 students accepted into Ohio University’s Medical School Early Access Program from a pool of 13,000 applicants. The program, through partnership, placed me at Ohio Dominican, so I committed to the university without having ever spent more than four hours in Columbus. I’ve always wanted to become a doctor, so when I was accepted into the program, I saw it as a sign.

I moved to Columbus blindly, without even visiting Ohio Dominican. Looking back now, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. The small school experience at ODU has been incredibly rewarding. I doubt I would have fared as well in a larger school atmosphere. And the scholarship opportunities at ODU, combined with outside scholarships, have made my university education possible.

My life at ODU has been enriched by opportunities and people who have profoundly impacted me. Meeting Dr. Little and Dr. Witzky has been life-changing. Dr. Little, with his unique blend of genuine care, humor, and amazing teaching style, has made even the hardest classes like Bio and Organic Chemistry engaging. Dr. Witzky has been my unwavering support system. As my advisor for both my major and the Med School Early Assurance Program, she has guided me through my college journey, especially when family support was lacking. She introduced me to the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program and, with her help, I secured a position at The Ohio State University that allowed me to conduct cancer research, an experience I found extremely rewarding.

Looking back, choosing Ohio Dominican was by far the right choice for me. I’ve met people I want to keep in my life forever, not only through my program but also through theater and band. The support from my professors has been phenomenal, and I’ll forever cherish the personalized attention I’ve received at ODU. The journey has been rewarding, and I’m excited about my future in medicine.

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