Isabella Casiano


Hello, I’m Isabella Casiano, a first-year student majoring in Public Relations and Marketing Communications, with a minor in Spanish. As a first-generation college student, my journey to get to Ohio Dominican University was a bit different than some of my classmates. My parents never had the chance to go to college, so we had to figure out the application process and scholarship options on our own. It was quite the process, but we made it through, and I’m very grateful to be at ODU.

My parents always did their best, working hard to ensure that I could get the education they wanted for me. They told me it would be great if I could go to college, but understood if I chose a different route. . I’m beyond grateful for their support – and all they’ve done for me.

What really drew me to ODU was the small campus size. It’s easy to get around, and the community is warm and welcoming. It reminds me of my high school, which was also small. I started working on campus as a Student Ambassador over the summer, which helped me get acquainted with the staff and students.

I chose to study Public Relations and Marketing Communications because I’ve always been interested in improving my communication skills. In the future, I’d like to work in social media management. As for my minor, I grew up speaking Spanish, but I would love to improve my proficiency and become fully fluent.

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