Rylee Deitsch

Class of 2022


Rylee had no way of knowing just how significant of an impact a professor’s suggestion during his junior year would have on his life. One of his professors encouraged the Accounting major to take advantage of a new co-op program ODU had developed with EASE Logistics. On paper, Rylee thought it made sense – he could complete college credit, earn a paycheck and get real-world experience. It wasn’t long after he reached out to ODU’s Career Development Center he found himself at EASE busy learning about the booming logistics industry in Central Ohio. As it would turn out, this experience would open doors professionally in Rylee’s life and put him on a career trajectory not usually available to new college graduates.

EASE hired Rylee immediately upon graduation. Today, he serves as an Account Manager where he manages some of the largest accounts in the company. As shared by his supervisor, “Rylee is the quintessential employee we’re looking for because of all the prep he did during the co-op program. The fact that we have a young, driven individual who can start right out of the gates. You can’t even put a price tag on it.” 

Rylee says it’s important to always show up at work wanting to learn something new. For him, it’s okay to make mistakes as long as he learns and grows from them. As he reflects on his journey, he’s grateful not only to EASE for the opportunity, but also to those at ODU who helped to equip him with the knowledge, experiences and skills he needed for success after graduation. As he puts it, “I would not have had the opportunity I have right now if it wasn’t for ODU’s Career Development Center and the co-op program.”

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