Fueled by Ambition, We Are

Blaze Black

And Gold

When we blaze together, the possibilities are endless

To contemplate truth and to share with others the fruits of this contemplation.

Our success as an academic institution hinges upon the community we’ve created and the culture we’ve established through the fire and faith of our history. Boldly founded on the ideas of love, justice and peace for all, we believe that even the smallest act of kindness is a radical act of bravery that can change the future forever.

The boldness of our founding Sisters and the spirit of our original mission continue, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, guided by the pursuit of truth and empowered by our shared desire to leave the world a better place than we found it.

Through Made For Bold, we will prepare the current and coming generations to build upon the values that define our mission and sharpen our impact at home and around the globe. 

Without apology. Without ego. Without fear.




Our stories illuminate the past and propel us toward the future. They provide insight into who we were, who we are, and who we are becoming as a community built upon the four pillars of Dominican life – study, prayer, community and service. It’s only through the stories of those who have lived the Ohio Dominican experience that we can truly see the impact our institution continues to have on students, alumni, faculty, staff, and our supporters, both close to campus and around the world.

These are our stories.



Ohio Dominican’s commitment to creating student opportunities runs deep, building on a centuries-old Dominican tradition of providing a life-changing education and a transformative college experience.

Our approach from the beginning continues to be as inclusive as possible as we welcome talented students to campus with the goals of unlocking their full potential, enriching their experience, and equipping them with everything they need to fulfill their life’s purpose.

Together, we will make education more affordable for more students by providing more access and financial support to individuals regardless of background or socioeconomic level.


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Campaign Priorities

Investing in Scholarships

Scholarships make all the difference. They can–and often do–serve as the single deciding factor between a student attending college as the first step toward realizing a lifelong dream or settling for something far less than their full potential. Investing in scholarships at ODU is synonymous with changing the trajectory of an entire life.

Our Students

Scholarships allow students to focus on their academics, their personal growth, and their path forward. Your generous gifts enable us to empower our students through unique opportunities to build character, commit to their goals, and excel in their careers, sport, and life.

Transform Lives

Ohio Dominican students trust us to prepare them for life. And because nearly a quarter of our students are first-generation college students, scholarships bridge economic and social gaps to help them achieve a college degree. For many students, attending college is only possible with financial help and supporting our access and affordability initiatives create opportunities that change lives, communities, and the future.

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Invest In The Future

An Ohio Dominican degree transforms lives, lifts families, and helps secure our future. An investment in Ohio Dominican University is a powerful endorsement that a college degree is much more than accumulated knowledge and technical expertise. Our goal is to invest in the future by increasing the number of well-educated, forward-thinking Ohio Dominican graduates. Your support builds on a proud legacy of giving back to an institution that has been a turning point in many graduates’ lives.

Scholarships Change Lives

Nearly a quarter of Ohio Dominican University’s undergraduate students are the first in their family to go to college. Scholarships bridge economic and social gaps to help them achieve a college degree. For many students, attending college is only possible with financial help. Scholarships create opportunities that change lives, communities, and the future.

Scholarships Impact Our Region

Scholarships help close the gap between the total cost of attendance and the financial assistance a student receives, making it more financially feasible to attend college. Approximately 85% of students who attend ODU are from Ohio, and the majority of our graduates remain in the state to live and work, supporting the economy and building community here in the region.

Regional service has always been a significant part of the mission of Ohio Dominican University, and our graduates have a significant impact in our area of the state. With nearly 9 out of 10 graduates remaining in Ohio, we are committed to meeting our state and region’s workforce and economic demands. Scholarships and investments in our students will help increase the number of graduates who serve as leaders in the Central Ohio region.

Meeting Workforce Demands

Your gifts help to equip us with valuable resources we can use to fulfill our state’s rapidly evolving and increasing workforce demands. Our new Anesthesiologist Assistant Studies master’s program is just one example of our commitment to meeting area workforce needs. Growth in health sciences and STEM-related areas serves as opportunity gateways for countless students to prepare for successful careers in today’s thriving healthcare and technology sectors.

Ohio Dominican has developed new and fostered existing partnerships with high schools, colleges and universities, and corporations throughout the state to provide the best opportunities for students, including rural opportunities programs that encourage and prepare students to live and work outside urban areas to bolster Ohio’s small communities.

Give Back

If Ohio Dominican University has impacted you, we ask you to consider giving back.

For some of us, ODU is our alma mater. It helped shape who we are today and set us on a path toward success.

For some of us, ODU is our community resource. Many people in our region depend on the programs and outreach that help enrich our lives in so many ways.

For some of us, ODU is our business partner. We look to the University as a talent source to help move forward, evolve and grow in the marketplace.

For all of us, ODU is a place that holds our confidence in making the world a more just, peaceful and caring place.

Enhance Student Access Through Affordability

More than 99% of ODU undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid every year. We are committed to providing access to an excellent education to as many high-performing students as possible, and therefore are aiming to increase our annual scholarships by $4 million a year. This will impact as many as 1,000 students, many of whom could not attend Ohio Dominican otherwise.