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There are many ways to support Ohio Dominican. Discover how your generosity can make a difference in the lives of ODU students.

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In-Kind Gift

Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts

Stocks & Securities

Stocks & Securities


Monthly Recurring Gifts

Donate Online, By Phone or Mail

  • Donate online using our one-time or recurring gift forms.

  • Phone: call us at (614) 251-4790.

  • Check/Fax: download this giving form and mail with your check or fax with your credit card information.

In-Kind Gift

Ohio Dominican appreciates in-kind gifts such as works of art, equipment and musical instruments. The gifts must be evaluated by Ohio Dominican prior to donation. Please contact University Advancement at (614) 251-4790 or

Matching Gifts

Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Through these programs, when an employee makes a donation, the company will match, or sometimes even double, the same amount, to the same charitable organization.

Matching Gift Programs are a wonderful way for employees to make their charitable dollars stretch farther at no cost to themselves.

Ask your company’s human resources office for a matching gift form.

You fill out a portion of the form and send it to Ohio Dominican with your gift and we will take care of the rest.

If you have any questions, contact University Advancement at (614) 251-4790 or

Stocks & Securities

– Donating Appreciated Securities to Ohio Dominican University

Gifts of appreciated securities which have been held for more than one year (in most cases) is a tax-wise way to make a difference at Ohio Dominican.

Donors making stock gifts are eligible to a federal income tax deduction equal to the fair-market value of the stock on the date it is gifted to ODU (up to 30%) of your adjusted gross income.

A capital gains tax is not due when the stock is transferred to Ohio Dominican.

The value of all securities gifts is calculated as the “mean price” on the trade date of the gift into the ODU gift account.

If your broker or bank holds your securities, call your broker and tell him/her which securities you wish to donate to Ohio Dominican University. Most firms require written instructions.

Please use the instructions below to facilitate a transfer of assets to the Ohio Dominican University account at Huntington Investment Company:

Broker: Huntington Investment Company
Account Reps: Rob Koogler
Phone: (614) 480-3171
DTC Number: 0226
FFC to Account #: 0HE-402206 (Please note the first digit is a zero)
Ohio Dominican Account #: 0HE-402206 (Same as above)
Ohio Dominican University federal tax ID: 31-4379560

Other important to-do items:

On the same day you call your broker, please confirm your instructions in writing to your broker and the following:

  • Declare your desire to make a gift to Ohio Dominican University

  • Including the number of shares you are gifting to ODU

  • The name(s) of the stock(s)

  • The purpose for which you are designating your gift, i.e., augmenting our existing ODU endowment fund; we are creating a new endowment at ODU; we are making an Unrestricted gift to our ODU Fund.

In your letter, include your broker’s phone number and send a copy of your letter to Ohio Dominican Advancement Office (see address below).

In order to give prompt and accurate credit for all stock/securities gifts received, it is important for Ohio Dominican to know the identity of its securities donors, especially those gifts which are received via electronic transfer.

Since it is difficult to obtain donor identity once the transaction has been processed, donors are requested to identify themselves when the DTC transfer instructions are executed.

Step 1: Send us your unendorsed stock certificates by U.S. Mail, with a typed letter stating your name, address, and the designation of your gift to Ohio Dominican University.

Ohio Dominican University
University Advancement Office
1216 Sunbury Road
Columbus, OH 43219

Step 2: In a separate envelope, please send us at the same address listed above, a signed stock power for each certificate, along with a copy of your letter. DO NOT write anything on the “stock power” other than your signature and the date.

For additional information and assistance, contact us at

One-Time Gifts

Your generous gift shows your support for Ohio Dominican University and it helps to equip our outstanding students with the financial resources they need to pursue and complete an ODU education. Thanks to your support, Panthers have the opportunity to connect their passion with their purpose.

Monthly Recurring Gifts

Recurring gifts create a sustaining impact on Panthers and the opportunity they have to connect their passion with their purpose. Making a recurring gift shows your support for Ohio Dominican University and your ongoing commitment to help equip our outstanding students with the financial resources they need to pursue and complete an ODU education.