Colby Scorese


As a last-semester senior at Ohio Dominican University, I’m excited to graduate this December. My major is Marketing Communications and Public Relations, which aligns perfectly with my enthusiastic personality. I chose ODU primarily for its tight-knit family community, preferring the intimacy of smaller classrooms and an easier connection with people over larger campuses.

Being a first-generation college student, navigating the world of higher education was a daunting task. Luckily, ODU’s faculty and staff were incredibly supportive and helpful, guiding me through everything from scholarship applications to academic planning. I owe my successful journey to their unwavering assistance.

Two moments that significantly impacted my journey both occurred when my professors recommended me for internships. The first was with Walt Disney World, an experience that was as magical as you’d expect. The second internship, where I’m currently getting published by the Columbus Zoo, was another opportunity given to me because a professor believed in my potential.

The intimacy of ODU’s classrooms has allowed me to form personal connections with my professors and peers. These relationships have been beneficial not only academically but also in shaping my career path.

ODU also has played a significant role in my personal growth. It has helped me better understand my ethics, beliefs and essentially who I am as a person. As a Catholic university, ODU resonated with my religious beliefs, which was a crucial factor in my decision to come–and thrive–here.

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