Faith Vaillancourt


My name is Faith Vaillancourt, and I’m a senior Psychology major at Ohio Dominican. There were a number of reasons I chose to study at ODU, including the distance between Columbus and my home country of Canada. Having attended Catholic school all my life, I thought a Catholic university would be a good fit for me. I was right.

I have so many great memories here, but what stands out the most is how helpful and friendly everyone has been. As an international student, I was initially worried about fitting in and understanding the way things work here. But, everyone has always been willing to lend a hand, which made the transition to ODU much smoother.

I recall feeling incredibly nervous when I first arrived for Orientation. I didn’t know anyone and felt like a fish out of water. I remember when staff from the Library arrived for their presentation. Not only did they sit with me, they were incredibly supportive in helping me find a work-study position. Because of their kindness, I’ve been working at the library ever since.

When I arrived at Ohio Dominican, I had already earned an associate degree in Social Work. I really enjoyed that field, so I wanted to continue in a similar vein, which led me to Psychology. It’s a broader field, but one that will allow me to connect with people and be of help.

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