Khameron Xavier Macarthy


Hello, I’m Khameron Xavier Macarthy, a fourth-year Political Science major at Ohio Dominican University. My journey to ODU was shaped by my desire to make an impact in this world and by my family situation. I had two feasible options for college–a large state school and Ohio Dominican University. While state schools might create successful politicians, ODU resonated with me because it focused on creating philosopher kings as described by Plato–individuals who use wisdom and reason to bring about change.

At ODU, in terms of learning about politics, it isn’t just about winning elections or saying what people want to hear. It’s about understanding how we order our goods, both social and material, in our society. And that’s exactly what I wanted to learn. The scholarships I received have been of great help, as they’ve enabled me to finance my education.

Growing up, I’ve always been a problem solver. I experienced two different worlds–the urban setting of the Columbus City Schools district and the more affluent Olentangy Local Schools district. This duality of experiences made me aware of the disparities that exist in our society and the concept of privilege.

I remember speaking at a conference about diversity and equity when a young man asked me why I was always talking about white privilege. I explained that it wasn’t about guilt but about acknowledging that some voices are heard more than others, and some people have access to opportunities that others don’t. This conversation made me realize that I could use my own privilege and resources to help those less fortunate.

Choosing ODU was about more than just getting an education. It was about becoming part of a community where each person has a name, a dream and a goal. Here, you’re not just a number. You can interact with professors who have been mentored by global figures like Henry Kissinger. Our professors’ main focus is the students, not publishing research. While some schools might get more notoriety in the yearly rankings, the education you receive here matters because you matter here.

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