Lexi Ware


Hi! I’m Lexi Ware, a third-year student studying Criminology and Criminal Justice with a minor in Business. I chose to attend Ohio Dominican University for several reasons. The practical reason was that it’s close to home. Born and raised in Columbus, I appreciated the central location and the wealth of resources nearby such as  internships and jobs. But my heart reason was the feeling of warmth and familiarity that ODU offers. Considering the beautiful campus and personal connections, it all just feels like home to me.

College is an expensive venture, especially at a private university like ODU. But thanks to the academic scholarships I received, the financial burden was considerably eased. Being born and raised Catholic, the scholarships also served as a connection to my roots and made ODU feel even more like home. My faith is a significant part of my life, and working with ODU Chaplain Father Dan and being a part of Campus Ministries has helped me grow both personally and spiritually.

My major was an easy choice–I’ve always been fascinated by law. It comes naturally to me, and I find it incredibly interesting. My goal is to become a criminal defense attorney and use my passion for law to help people navigate difficult situations.

Apart from academics, I work in the admission office; I consider it to be one of  the best work-study jobs on campus. We have a lot of fun, whether it’s listening to Taylor Swift or engaging with Thunder, our mascot. Sometimes, I end up in the mascot costume–because I’m short and everyone thinks that’s funny because it doesn’t quite fit–leading to unexpected pranks and a lot of laughter.

Thinking about my life without ODU is almost impossible. It’s been instrumental in my personal growth, and I genuinely believe I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it.

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