Meggan Hitchens


Hi, I’m Meggan Hitchens, a freshman Psychology major. Choosing my college home wasn’t a decision I made lightly. After visiting several campuses, it was during my tour of Ohio Dominican that I felt an overwhelming sense of belonging. The first place our guide took us was to the chapel, and it felt like home.

I remember being nervous about starting classes. But from day one, the professors reached out, showing real concern for my well-being and my academic journey. It’s strange, but they felt like parental figures. The advice they’ve shared with me shows that they are genuinely concerned about my success.

Originally, I had chosen to major in Integrated Social Studies, hoping to support high school students in ways I felt unsupported when I was their age. However, after my first few classes, I realized teaching wasn’t quite what I wanted to do. So, I shifted gears and decided to major in Psychology to help people in a different way. ODU was incredibly supportive throughout this transition.

One person who has been especially supportive is Jorden Evans from ODU’s Admissions office, , who also happens to be my cheer coach. From handling residence hall issues to coaching us through routines, she’s been there every step of the way.

Cheerleading has always been a part of my life. I’ve been cheering since before I could walk, alongside my sisters at their high school games. Being part of a new cheer team here at ODU was initially intimidating, but it’s turned out to be an incredible experience. They’re like a new family to me.

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